Linked Horizon : “Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi” English Lyrics

“Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi” is a song released by Linked Horizon on the PONY CANYON label on June 19th, 2019.
The song was used as the opening theme for the anime “Attack on Titan”.
The song appears as track #1 on their fourth single “Shinjitsu e no Shingeki”.

Path to Aspirations and Corpses

Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi Lyrics

Lyrics, Composition, & Arrangement: Revo

On that day, mankind recalled it

In the very dim light, all of the advancing shadows feel uneasy
An uncertain future always blooms on thin ice
Whenever we visited the night,
they gently stroked the back of our necks with cold hands over and over

Betraying the twilight, clinging to the back of a lit hope,
though we know we’re heading towards the hell we chased after

If you want to see the next dream, then what can you present?
The demons murmured sweetly: Create a path with corpses
What’s beyond these walls?
The truth I longed for in my younger days is right there
Beyond the path of corpses

A loop of mourning and malice repeating in the garden
At the end of the memories pouring in, we ask the meaning of freedom
Ah…the boys’ abilities should’ve been full of possibilities,
but what did fate breathe into them?
Is it someone’s dearest wish? Someone’s dream?
Sorrow and hatred intersect,
and bright red arrows aim at one another
Humans, longing for the wings of birds, flap towards the sky
The demons murmured slyly: Oh corpses, follow the path
What is there beyond this sky?
We were imprisoned in our younger days
The light of the old days starts shining beyond the path of corpses

If we look from above the sky, just what would we be able to see?
We’d wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t here
to the ends of the vast world we dreamt of in our younger days
Absurdity lurks so much I feel dizzy
The price of dreaming of freedom is a bed on cold earth
Sometimes borrowing the form of gods, justice bears its fangs
In the cage, outside the cage, are they equally Hell……?

The more we carry the weight of our sins, the more meaning there is in our feet that step forward
The demons murmured low: Advance on the path of corpses
What is there beyond this darkness?
When will the reality cursed in our younger days be rewarded?
Beyond the path of corpses
Tracks bright red impulses ran through
Scattering resignation for freedom
Even if we bundle the offered petals,
it’s too early for the true dawn we offer
The sun still hasn’t gone down

So we’ll keep advancing beyond the waves…

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