Kitchen Hoods

The equipment that is used to collect or filter the pollutants, odors, waste heat, and moisture formed in the kitchen is called a hood. Choosing a hood is one of the kitchen ventilation and air conditioning system. Kitchen hoods, used to remove the heavy odors of dishes such as fish and frying from the kitchen, are used in almost every home for kitchen ventilation. Many kitchen hoods, such as wall type, island type, console type, and countertop type, filter the air and prevent the formation of irritating odors and fumes in the environment. In previous years, pipes and bricks were used to expel the heat, smoke, and steam from ovens and stoves.

Why Buy Kitchen Hoods from Kumtel?

Today, the hood system is used. Aspirators on the stove in our homes are small hoods. Hoods placed over kitchen appliances are used to extract smoke and steam quickly. A sufficiently large collection area must be provided. Kitchen hood height ratios are also fundamental. The height of the hood must be at least 0.4 m. The volume of the collection zone shall be sufficient and, in any case, large enough to accommodate the volume of air drawn in per second. Kitchen hoods design structure and forms should also have an overflowing amount of at least 0.2 m around the kitchen hoods. The selection of kitchen hoods is one of the most critical stages of the kitchen ventilation and air conditioning system. A correctly selected Kumtel brand hood solves many problems, such as odor, noise, and environmental pollution in kitchen ventilation, while significantly saving. Correctly set kitchen hoods minimize fire risks, enable the fire control and extinguishing system to be made most appropriately, and ensure the safety of life and property in the best way. When using kitchen hoods, attention should be paid to the energy expended. It should be kept open 24/7. In general, it works based on a drawing system on the exhaust air with the help of a heat exchanger. More awesome hoods models can be found on